Swiss Asset Manager Puts Vietnam on the Map

Vietnam hasn’t figured prominently on the radar of Swiss investors yet. An asset manager is now opening the country’s market for European investors in a cooperation with Neue Helvetische Bank.

Turicum Investment Management (TIM), which is based in Baar near Zug, has been active in Vietnam for more than ten years and has an office in Ho Chi Minh City. There, the company is managing assets belonging to international institutions and private clients alike.

Vietnam is a difficult market for international business, because local private investors dominate the market. As a result, Vietnam’s stock market remains prone to swings and exaggerations.

Disappointing ETFs

TIM’s portfolios however have performed markedly better than the local stock market, while ETFs have seen a more disappointing development.

Now, TIM will go a step further and offer investors the opportunity to directly invest in Vietnamese stocks. The offer has become possible thanks to a deal with Neue Helvetische Bank (NHB) and takes the form of an actively managed certificate. TIM attempts to select well positioned securities, which are reasonably priced.