TIM Actively Managed Certificate

Investment objective

Add value for risk-conscious long-term investors to benefit from future growth in emerging Vietnam, which stands at the beginning of industrialization.

Asset Classes and the respective universes

  • Equities which are listed on HSX, HNX, UPCoM, or overseas exchanges as for example Hong Kong Stock Exchange but has its businesses carried out in Vietnam

  • Fixed income securities of established companies which can be listed or unlisted;

  • Equities of privately-held companies

Investment strategy


  • A bottom-up stock picking based on fundamental analysis of the business and fair price valuation. Assessments are reviewed at least on a quarterly basis or when new information is deemed having material impact on the business and valuation.

  • A steady fair valuation provides us with high level of confidence to act especially in market overreactions.


  • For market timing purposes, we are applying a Technical Trend Following system as a layer to our fundamental analysis. The system solely uses the price history of a stock to generate signals. An additional Buy signal generated by the Technical Trend Following system, on a stock that we already rated as a fundamental Buy, gives us additional confidence to proceed with an investment.

Continuous liquidity with the issuer as market maker
Certificate Details
TypeDynamic Tracker Certificate
Fund CurrencyUSD
Min. InvestmentUSD 100
Mgmt. / Admin Fee1.0% / 0.5%
Performance Fee10% with HWM
IssuerNeue Helvetische Bank
Inception14 July 2017
Reference IndexFTSE Vietnam Index
Strategy ManagerTuricum Investment Management AG
Market MakerIssuer with 1% Spread
Clearing Institution/Clearing CodeSIX SIS AG/ CH116589

Mandate Types

We offer our clients two types of mandates. The investment strategy for each mandate is discussed with each client individually.