TIM Actively Managed Certificate

Investment objective

Add value for risk-conscious long-term investors to benefit from future growth in emerging Vietnam, which stands at the beginning of industrialization.

Asset Classes and the respective universes

  • Equities which are listed on HSX, HNX, UPCoM, or overseas exchanges as for example Hong Kong Stock Exchange but has its businesses carried out in Vietnam

  • Fixed income securities of established companies which can be listed or unlisted;

  • Equities of privately-held companies

Investment strategy


  • A bottom-up stock picking based on fundamental analysis of the business and fair price valuation. Assessments are reviewed at least on a quarterly basis or when new information is deemed having material impact on the business and valuation.

  • A steady fair valuation provides us with high level of confidence to act especially in market overreactions.


  • For market timing purposes, we are applying a Technical Trend Following system as a layer to our fundamental analysis. The system solely uses the price history of a stock to generate signals. An additional Buy signal generated by the Technical Trend Following system, on a stock that we already rated as a fundamental Buy, gives us additional confidence to proceed with an investment.

Continuous liquidity with the issuer as market maker
Certificate Details
Type Dynamic Tracker Certificate
Fund Currency USD
Min. Investment USD 100
Mgmt. / Admin Fee 1.0% / 0.5%
Performance Fee 10% with HWM
ISIN CH0374214515
Issuer Neue Helvetische Bank
Inception 14 July 2017
Reference Index FTSE Vietnam Index
Strategy Manager Turicum Investment Management AG
Market Maker Issuer with 1% Spread
Clearing Institution/Clearing Code SIX SIS AG/ CH116589

Mandate Types

We offer our clients two types of mandates. The investment strategy for each mandate is discussed with each client individually.