TIM Vietnam Actively Managed Certificate is open for subscribtion
Inception: July 14 2017

This Product is an Actively Managed Certificate (“AMC”) according to Condition 17(F) of the Terms and Conditions of the Programme. The Product allows for participation in the performance of its underlying “TIM Vietnam Certificate” investment strategy (the “Strategy”), which is further described here.

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Turicum Investment Management AG has been on-site with its own team since 2007 and has a deep knowledge of the Vietnamese capital market. We are one of the few companies that have recognized the opportunities of further deregulation in Vietnam and that have made this market accessible for investors.

Whereas economic growth in some of the largest emerging markets such as China, Russia or Brazil is stumbling, Vietnam‘s GDP is still growing solidly at a pace of some 7% p.a. Hence this country is one of the fastest growing economies worldwide.

The following factors are crucial to us:

  • A strongly growing domestic economy
  • A steadily increasing flow of foreign direct investments (FDI)
  • A rapidly growing middle class, resulting in a trend to urbanisation
  • Ongoing economic liberalisation and deregulation, which is making Vietnamese companies globally more attractive on a sustainable basis

These factors make Vietnam to an ever more important economic partner worldwide.
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